#1 good morning lads by arrode 03.01.2011 09:30


I stumbled across this board while reading the closed Found - but i wasn't a member on there because i'm not really into SI/CP that much.
No member on any other board except a german one ...

I'm in my early twenties and from Bielefeld, germany - hope i won't be kicked out right now
I've been following my local football club Arminia Bielefeld since my old man took me there when i was a small child. Second division, last place in the table and probably the worst team in german football at the moment - but no doubt it's still my pride and joy .........

Current favorite labels are Albam, Universal Works, Barbour, Clarks Originals and last but not least the good old Drei Streifen (i love my San Francisco, Dublin, Malmö, red&blue München ...).

I like football with all the essentials belonging to it, hanging out with my friends, travelling, having a good night out ...... and clobber and footwear of course.

I'll try to contribute to the board as good as i can...


#2 RE: good morning lads by Admin 03.01.2011 09:35

Felix, nice intro and with a list like that of essential clobber you will fit right in here
Welcome my man, stick around

#3 RE: good morning lads by Tone 03.01.2011 09:41


Welcome aboard Felix.

#4 RE: good morning lads by sjh 03.01.2011 09:55


Morning Felix..

#5 RE: good morning lads by wadey 03.01.2011 10:35


nice introduction! welcome on board

#6 RE: good morning lads by ryan 03.01.2011 10:39

Morning mate. Welcome along.

#7 RE: good morning lads by jurrosufc 03.01.2011 10:40

Morning Felix :)

#8 RE: good morning lads by Thom 03.01.2011 15:16


Welcome sir

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