#1 Greetings by chevy 04.01.2011 15:02


Hi all,
I have made my way over from found.,I was on there from july 2009 and I am also on nomad were a lot of you guys are as well. I am not
a prolific poster on any of the forums but hope to get involved with offering any info on gear, good deals etc. I have been in to my clothes since
about '84 but confess that on all 3 forums mentioned you lads are far more knowledgeable than me. No doubt this forum has built up a good
spirit already and I hope to contribute in some small way.


#2 RE: Greetings by jonah 04.01.2011 15:25


Welcome in chevy

#3 RE: Greetings by Tone 04.01.2011 17:34



#4 RE: Greetings by sjh 04.01.2011 18:11



#5 RE: Greetings by Admin 05.01.2011 22:41

Welcome in Chevy, good set here

#6 RE: Greetings by derekw 05.01.2011 22:43


welcome in man

#7 RE: Greetings by ryan 06.01.2011 09:03

Alright Chevy, Make yourself at home.

#8 RE: Greetings by Baz 06.01.2011 09:55


Welcome in.

#9 RE: Greetings by jurrosufc 06.01.2011 10:16

Welcome mate :D

#10 RE: Greetings by chevy 06.01.2011 14:49


Cheers fellas, it's killing me looking at all the sales threads and shop sales at the mo' need to get my car fixed this week so gotta keep
hold of any spare readies, but roll on feb.

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