#1 Hello, boys. by Mikey C 21.01.2011 03:59


Glad to be aboard; I'm trying to talk some, buy more, and learn all.

Grew up outside of Philly, Pa on punk, hardcore, and football.

West Ham and Fred Perry for years - past bit I've been expanding - and I'm tryin to learn as I go.

#2 RE: Hello, boys. by Admin 21.01.2011 04:02

Good recommendation from jeff, and glad to have you onboard, Isure after a mooch about on here you will pick up a few tips and feel free to share your knowledge
stick around my man

#3 RE: Hello, boys. by Tone 21.01.2011 05:47



#4 RE: Hello, boys. by Esher 21.01.2011 11:44

And avid Jersey Shore watcher

Hi Mike

#5 RE: Hello, boys. by Baz 21.01.2011 13:47


Welcome in mate

#6 RE: Hello, boys. by sjh 21.01.2011 17:37


Welcome Aboard..

#7 RE: Hello, boys. by northernwizard 29.01.2011 10:56

Welcome mate.

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