#1 Gday boys by 1000flash 22.01.2011 08:06


Evening fellas, im Craig, live in Melbourne, Australia. From the UK origionally but been here for 10 years or so now.
Looking for a decent bit of banter with lads from " back home. "
Some of you will know me as 1000flash from over the road, dont know why i changed, always liked the name wally.
Anyway, hot as fuck here so off to put the BBQ on. Prawns or T-Bone?

#2 RE: Gday boys by Tone 22.01.2011 08:12


I pity you, i really do, stuck over there in that heat.

Freezing over here, proper jacket weather.

oh, and g'day cobber.

#3 RE: Gday boys by Flemo 22.01.2011 10:34


G'day Sport!

#4 RE: Gday boys by Admin 22.01.2011 10:43

good day to you too, not sure what i prefer hot or cold, would ruin my dress sense ;)
stick around my man

#5 RE: Gday boys by Thom 22.01.2011 10:48


welcome in.... watch out for the spiders bro ;-)

#6 RE: Gday boys by northernwizard 29.01.2011 10:55

Welcome mate.

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