#1 Evening by someoneelse 24.01.2011 20:49

Thought I'd introduce myself.

Editor of Proper Magazine, poster on various other forums over many years. Yet to dive in properly but I'm told it's alright on here.

#2 RE: Evening by Bezz 24.01.2011 20:50


Good to have you onboard squire, welcome.

#3 RE: Evening by Admin 24.01.2011 21:07

Just getting used to the new format of proper, Hats off and sticm around my man
good to have you onboard

#4 RE: Evening by Tone 24.01.2011 21:19



#5 RE: Evening by jonah 24.01.2011 21:20


Welcome in

#6 RE: Evening by maclufc 24.01.2011 21:47


Welcome mate, i ve been told your mags very good, but i m too tight to buy one as yet.........

#7 RE: Evening by sheff-utd-567 24.01.2011 21:55

Nice one pal, love the proper mags mesel, top work!

#8 RE: Evening by urbanrambler 24.01.2011 22:43


ah-ha. evening neil/mark. are any more coming over? honk will love it on here.

#9 RE: Evening by someoneelse 24.01.2011 22:52

I doubt he'd fit in. Too many parents/Stone Island Fighter men on here for him.

#10 RE: Evening by northernwizard 29.01.2011 10:54

Welcome mate.

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