#1 The Rooney rule by Tone 06.06.2015 15:14


Nar, nothing to do with spud 'ed, some yank poking his fat ass where it's not needed!


But, imo, if you ain't good enough for the job, regardless of race, creed or colour then why should you be chosen/given the job?


#2 RE: The Rooney rule by redmond 06.06.2015 15:36


Think it's fucking ridiculous we all know it's about who you know rather then what you know regardless of colour

#3 RE: The Rooney rule by RamseesCFC 06.06.2015 16:49


Numbers don't add up T. Something wrong given the number of black players in the game that more aren't managers.

#4 RE: The Rooney rule by nothavinit 06.06.2015 18:29


its bollocks

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