#1 Hej! by Upstart 07.02.2011 22:10

Hello from Sweden!
Been following the blog for quite some time and thought I should join the forum to see what the fuzz is all about ;-)
As the rest of you I like nice clothes, but I'm also heavy into collecting early reggae, ska & rocksteady.

#2 RE: Hej! by jonah 07.02.2011 22:12


Welcome in like the early reggae myself, studio 1, trojan etc cant beat a bit of skanking

#3 RE: Hej! by Thom 07.02.2011 23:22


welcome in sir... how did you find the blog? if you don't mind me asking... ;-)

#4 RE: Hej! by wbacph 08.02.2011 00:44


Another Swede.. A few scandinavians on here, mostly swedes. Have seen some well dressed fellas when I've been over.

Velkommen til! STHLM? Göteborg?

#5 RE: Hej! by Tone 08.02.2011 05:33



Velkommen til! STHLM? Göteborg?[/quote]

What he said.


#6 RE: Hej! by sjh 08.02.2011 06:40



#7 RE: Hej! by Upstart 08.02.2011 12:20

Thank you all. I think I found the blog though Oneupmanship, or possibly Proper...
I'm from Malmö to be precise :-)

#8 RE: Hej! by jurrosufc 08.02.2011 12:23

Welcome mate.

Few danes here like myself and wbacph but quite a few swedes by now

#9 RE: Hej! by Baz 08.02.2011 12:47


Welcome in mate.

#10 RE: Hej! by a-casual-zulu 09.02.2011 08:29


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