#1 no work today... by fy4white 14.09.2015 05:33


For me,got some fuckin ear/throat infection of some description.started niggling few weeks back,should have gone docs then but thought would clear up,but it hasn't! !.hardly slept this weekend cos of it,Dr's at 4.20 this afternoon,want it sorted holiday in just over 2 weeks,last thing I want is bad ears when I'm on a plane😕

#2 RE: no work today... by Tone 14.09.2015 05:58


Why would you want to go on your hols anyway when you have everything in your back garden?

#3 RE: no work today... by Tone 14.09.2015 07:00


And if you think your can get away with playing the wounded soldier it ain't gonna happen.

She'll have 101 jobs lined up for you!

#4 RE: no work today... by 1985casual 14.09.2015 08:07


Wish I could say the same, fucking ill off the drink.

#5 RE: no work today... by Leonard Osbourne 14.09.2015 09:40


Lazy bastard

#6 RE: no work today... by frank cannon 14.09.2015 09:57


Top Rant!

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