#1 Big bad Vlad by STEVECFC 09.10.2015 12:22

Putin ..
Has certainly shook up the world right now ..
We've bombed Isis for a year now, and seemingly got nowhere ..
Two weeks in and he's blitzing the fookers ..
More to this than meets the eye ..

#2 RE: Big bad Vlad by Tone 09.10.2015 13:21


They don't fuck about do they?

The Allied forces have been having the occasional stab not Vlad, straight for the jugular. I thinks it more a case of the Russians trying to tell the World they are still a major force!

#3 RE: Big bad Vlad by Andyb 09.10.2015 13:26

Or that's what the daily mail and it's weird Putin love in seems to want to promote, in just over a year US and allies have launched over 7000 airstrikes against ISIS using high end precision munitions that the Russians simply don't have, they appear to be targeting Syrian opposition rather than ISIS.

#4 RE: Big bad Vlad by frank cannon 09.10.2015 14:46


and with the Chinesse over there as well there could be some real fisty cuffs if the USA or allieds take some casualties from friendly fire...batton the hatches!

#5 RE: Big bad Vlad by Votedocker 09.10.2015 22:11

Russia has had links to and bases in Syria for years. It's in their interest to keep Assad in power which is what it's all about (I'd rather have him than Isis any day). Putin has completely out played and out manoeuvred the west. And also diverts attention from Ukraine, who lets face it, none of the western leaders give a fuck about.

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