#1 Any Solicitors on here ? by scooby 30.04.2016 16:46

Firstly, apologies, ain't contributed on here for time as tbh been up to me eyeballs with shit at home etc... But, Gents, wondered if there's any clever fuckers on here that practice law or are solicitors ? Been victim to somebody that's hacked my builders email account and as a result have paid some scrote £9k of my hard earned... Pissed off and need help as this will cripple me financially...

#2 RE: Any Solicitors on here ? by Viktor Vaughn 01.05.2016 08:44


I can't help you unfortunately. I do sympathise, I had my credit card account details stolen and used fraudulently recently, it's becoming quite common to have these things happen and the crooks are very crafty. The police are not doing enough about it.

I don't use online banking as I do not trust it. The banks will not refund people who have been conned into giving away any details even when the fraud is very sophisticated. And recently Bernard hogan Howe came out saying people shouldn't be refunded in these types of crimes as we're too lax with our online security.

#3 RE: Any Solicitors on here ? by Gelse 01.05.2016 09:28


On the flip side to Viktors post I have been done twice, once through my PayPal and once on my debit card and the banks have been fantastic both times.

Got all my money back within a week.

Hope you sort it out buddy.

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