#1 sky landline number hassle by frank cannon 18.08.2016 21:36


just started off a new sky deal for tv,broadband and landline calls our previous one was with sky but got it half price through a sky agent...problem is they have gone and given us a new telephone number which we were totally unaware of and has only just come to light as others halves mother had been trying to ring her...my BIG issue with this is im self employed and run a small business and the old sky landline number we had is over my van, stationary and yellow pages advert...a usless sky rep from pakistan wasnt any use and he ended up putting the phone down on me as i was fking fuming as have recentley splashed out 500 quid on stationary and can do feck all about changing my yellow pages ad :headbang:

obviousley need our old sky landline back anyone have any good advice

#2 RE: sky landline number hassle by haxby 18.08.2016 22:21


Used this a few times for stuff, search to find an alternative number just beneath the phone number at the top.


#3 RE: sky landline number hassle by muskamber 19.08.2016 00:01


Bunch of Cnuts are Sky.
Murdoch can F***K off and shove Sky up his Arse.
Will not give the Cnut one single penny of my money to that corporate parasite...
Another example of how they shaft people by taking money from their customers and then telling them to fuck off knowing that the customer can do nothing after they have shafted them!

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