#1 Evening all! by urchin 05.03.2011 19:35


Allright fellas,got onto the site a few nights back so thought it was about time I introduced myself as you seem like a boss set of lads.
Im a 43 yr old Liverpool lad into trainers,Cp,SI,football and music.
Anyway's been impressed with what I've seen on here so far and hope to mingle in and join in with discusions from time to time,
with like minded people.

#2 RE: Evening all! by allestreeram 05.03.2011 19:50


welcome urchin, you will fit in no bother, join in!

#3 RE: Evening all! by urchin 05.03.2011 19:56


Nice one mate.(top album that ;o)

#4 RE: Evening all! by Gelse 05.03.2011 20:04


Evening chap.

Must be dedicated to be joining up on a Saturday night?



#5 RE: Evening all! by urchin 05.03.2011 20:25


Cheers La, quite night tonight...saving meself for the match tomora v the mancs!

#6 RE: Evening all! by Admin 05.03.2011 20:27

good to have you onboard my man
stick around

#7 RE: Evening all! by a-casual-zulu 05.03.2011 20:30

welcome and njoi fella

#8 RE: Evening all! by urchin 05.03.2011 20:38


Gracias for the welcome lads,apreciated

#9 RE: Evening all! by sjh 06.03.2011 08:51


Welcome Aboard..

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