#1 What pulls in your dough by Admin 21.11.2010 12:07

what we all for a living lads, no need to declare immoral earnings or illegal activity mind.........
What have we done in the past????
worst job etc....

#2 RE: What pulls in your dough by Tone 21.11.2010 12:12


In the engineering game myself, have been since i left school.

Feast or famine as the saying goes, running abit slow at the moment, phone call away and we're busy again.

#3 RE: What pulls in your dough by Admin 21.11.2010 13:02

Work in male homeless hostel as substance misuse officer, and Freelance Physical Intervention/Positive Behaviour Instructor, involves lots of travelling.
Outside of work run the Offhand evergrowing news fanzine and occassional Dj,
Worst job has to be window fitter/Saw man in Upvc, tho really miss the banter

#4 RE: What pulls in your dough by GREEN 21.11.2010 13:35


am the IT administrator in a further education college, sounds boring but get to browse the internet all day and be ca hunt to the student fookers
worked on the farms when i was a student, picking tatties, clearing stones and clipping sheep, not for me

#5 RE: What pulls in your dough by Raymondo 21.11.2010 18:55


I currently work in a independent clothes shop in Sheffield. Iv had a few shitty jobs since leaving school at 16 but this is going fairly well. Hopefully i still have the same enthusiasm come next year.

#6 RE: What pulls in your dough by Trucker 21.11.2010 21:33

Working as a chef, just landed myself a payed job at the restaurant Noma. Best restaurant in the world, on the San Pellegrino 50 best lidt :D

#7 RE: What pulls in your dough by JimmyMcGrory 22.11.2010 22:29

Best and worst was being a hoddy. Cracking in the summer but in the winter bollocks. Some right good laughs though

#8 RE: What pulls in your dough by derekw 22.11.2010 22:41


just now im an engineer working for a contractor for scottish water, it does my fucking head in before that i was a moulder in an iron foundry for 13 years, heavy dirty dangerous cunt of a job but it was a good laugh sadly there are no foundrys about any more, or i would probably still be there, bafore that i was an apprentice wood machinist

#9 RE: What pulls in your dough by moxey 23.11.2010 17:49


Ima n HGV ADR Driver,,deliver gas cylinders.....been in driving jobs since i was 18,,,,done my tickets for the rigs and trying to get a start but nowt yet...

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