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Some pics of a recent trip from New York.
The cranes on the top of the middle building is where the Twin Towers once stood.

Flat Iron building which is on a 80s Casuals T-Shirt


#353 RE: Pictures by Rhys 20.06.2011 21:27


Crackin them mate. Me and the missus recently booked to go early next year for the first time. I'm already excited, always wanted to go.

#354 RE: Pictures by STEVECFC 20.06.2011 21:32

New York - plan to go around Christmas time , not sure yet over or just before , gonna stop at Waldorf Astoria ...

#355 RE: by RVP's Left Foot 20.06.2011 21:42


Last time was in NY about 15 years ago there was a CP shop in Flatiron Building.

#356 RE: by Squarepusher 20.06.2011 22:45


Love the old pic's of the flatiron building, always save them when I come across them.

#357 RE: by garryh 21.06.2011 10:00

cheers fellas....@STEVECFC Xmas time for visiting will be fecking freezing(a right clod wind) so beware!!!

Top tip for anyone going,go to Macy's store and go to the information desk,show them your passport/hotel key and they will give you a 10% off card for 30 days(all visitors out of town are eligible for it.really pisses of the locals)

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love the cold - no point having a shit load of coats otherwise ..

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Zitat von STEVECFC
love the cold - no point having a shit load of coats otherwise ..

hahaha true

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Zitat von STEVECFC

any details of this one mate?

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sorry ^^ , just stumbled across it , there are more like this , will look into it if I can find any info ...

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Some pic's of things I have been looking at this week......

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A few more....

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And more.....

#368 RE: by Gelse 24.06.2011 23:35


Thats the best montage so far for me Mr Sp.

Plus I own the same RL jumper.

Fantastic as always.

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By null at 2011-06-25

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The ones from this range believe it or not are paintings.
I thought they just had the most fantastic amount of detail...................

Zitat von Squarepusher

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