#1 Hello and good evening from Surrey! by Turnstyle 06.12.2010 19:59

My name is Ian and I am 39 yrs old.......used to love my jackets and trainers but I have cut down somewhat over the past 2 years as my bedroom resembles a jumble sale! used to love CP and SI but I think the pricing is way over the top and the quality piss poor nowadays.I haven't bought Adidas trainers for about a year now as my addiction was getting silly and I was running out of room!

Prefer a nice Barbour, button down shirt, crew neck knit, Levis 506 and some Timberland shoes these days ( 40 next year)

I was on Found for a while( lurking in the background) and met some sound lads namely the Sunderland lads on Found!

Born in South West London and I am Fulham season ticket holder ( no laughing at the back there!!!)

I like a laugh and a bit of banter and don't take myself too seriously!![clown]

Thanks for having me on board.

#2 RE: Hello and good evening from Surrey! by Tone 06.12.2010 20:01



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