#1 Username's by Tone 09.12.2010 10:42


How did you come by your's.

Me, i like a drink or two.

#2 RE: Username's by truebrit87 09.12.2010 12:22


Mines the name of a 90 compilation CD and my year of birth.

#3 RE: Username's by Wolves88 09.12.2010 12:38


My team and year of birth, not the most inventive

#4 RE: Username's by Dante af Sweden 09.12.2010 12:57


Dante after the famous author Dante Alighieri that wrote La Divina Commedia and af Sweden well because I am from Sweden.


#5 RE: Username's by SAFCBeaufort 09.12.2010 13:03

safc - sunderland
Beaufort - one of favourite jackets.

#6 RE: Username's by froding 09.12.2010 13:08


froding beacuse it's a nickname I got then I was younger by some friends.

#7 RE: Username's by Jayell 09.12.2010 13:15


Its my initials - JL.

#8 RE: Username's by Admin 09.12.2010 13:18

Offhand - fuck knows

#9 RE: Username's by UncleAlbert 09.12.2010 13:34


I used to be in the Navy and when I was home on leave I used to bore my mates silly with my sailor stories, therefore I used to get called Uncle Albert like the old sea dog on Only Fools and Horses.

#10 RE: Username's by mogwaiyoungteam 09.12.2010 16:20


named after the fantastic album ,, by one or not thee best band to come out of haggis land

#11 RE: Username's by sacarneiro 09.12.2010 16:22


Sa Carneiro was a former portuguese prime-minister. He was killed in 1980 when his private airplane blew up, supposedly in a hit ordered by the communist party... well, in 1995 one of the lads started calling me that and the stupid name stuck

#12 RE: Username's by Squarepusher 09.12.2010 19:03


When I first started frequenting the internet and had to pick a user name it happened to be what was on the stereo.
Have been using it ever since....

#13 RE: Username's by ryan 09.12.2010 19:05

Its my name. Thats it.

#14 RE: Username's by moxey 09.12.2010 19:15


Its ma surname and thats what most folk call me...

#15 RE: Username's by clyde 09.12.2010 19:18


CLYDE-After the river i live close to and my hometown was built on....its also my cat`s name.

#16 RE: Username's by jonah 09.12.2010 19:46


Jonah- last names jones always been called and then again im full of bad luck so it fits well

#17 RE: Username's by Locomotion 10.12.2010 08:05


Locomotion = It's my favourite Kylie song.....,

#18 RE: Username's by kuriousoranj 10.12.2010 08:47


It's a Fall record.

#19 RE: Username's by Flemo 10.12.2010 16:48


usually go by flemo on forums as thats and old nickname but decided on vinny paz for here,he's a fairly famous boxer from america from late 80s early 90s who broke his neck and then amazed the medical world by making a come back 3 months later,just like him and thougt the name had a ring to it so thought i'd use it ha!

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