#1 evening everyone by highbury eagle 12.12.2010 17:57

Good evening,
just migrating from Found and looking forward to perusing the site, hope its as informative, and hope I can make the odd useful contribution.
I'm an elderly Palace fan whose satorial obsessions causes greater worries to my family than myself. My teams fortunes this past year have been dispirting but I take enormous pride in the successes of my daughter in our junior girls team. Whatever it takes to get through a long season!
I'm off for a mooch round the forum.
Best of luck to all.

#2 RE: evening everyone by Tone 12.12.2010 17:58



#3 RE: evening everyone by Admin 12.12.2010 19:04

good evening my man

#4 RE: evening everyone by mogwaiyoungteam 12.12.2010 19:06


welcome on man

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